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About Simta

SIMTA is an innovative and Inspiring entity and A group of integrated Textile Engineering Enterprise promoted by Techno crates of professional Excellence and Dedication.

It was incorporated in the year 1990. SIMTA has a distinct mark in the field of textile industry which is because of the innovative creation.

Simta cannot be matched with the others, when it comes to quality accessories for textile machines. Simta is a VIBRANT Player in the textiles Industry due to high standards of production and customer satisfaction. Presently Simta caters to 35% of the Indian market. Innovative and inspiring efforts of the company will keep all the mills to SPIN WITH SIMTA.

Product Reliability

The testing for Quality assurance starts from sourcing of raw materials and continues to the final process of production. Simta strongly believes gaining reputation in the market share Due to its stringent quality control process.

Product Engineering

Product Development is a continues process for Simta. The company goes along with the global technological developments to manufacture textile accessories, to suit the latest machinery with very high speeds.


A decade of valuable experience have equipped Simta to take on many export challenges in Europe, South East Asia, Middle East, Africa & South America. The company has set a goal to increase the exports by 3 folds in the forthcoming years.

Simta Participated in Various Exhibitions

To enhance exports, Simta participated in various Exhibitions

South America
South East Asia
Middle East Africa