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Overhead Traveling Cleaners

Overhead Traveling Cleaners

The SIMTA Advantage

SIMTA is a vibrant player in the Textiles Industry for almost two decades. Innovation and Reliability have been our strength that has backed SIMTA over the years. Our ideas have been acknowledged for the uniqueness and commitment to deliver the best to our customers across the continents has earned a distinct reputation.


Technical collaboration with the undisputed world leader in Overhead Travelling Cleaner Technology of M/S. C-PORT JACOBI, Gmbh, Germany has reinforced the image of SIMTA as a quality conscious manufacturer and further strengthened our commitment to quality.

More than 2,00,000 OHTC units for the Spinning and weaving application across the continents is a testimony to its technological superiority.Our Products are well accepted in india and in the European Market as well and more than 40% of our group production is exported to over 50 countries across the globe.


SIMTA JACOBI OHTC units are designed to meet the futuristic requirements of the Industry and our product range includes TRAVELLING CLEANERS for Speed Frames, Ring Spinning Frames, Auto & Manual Winders, Doubling Machine, Open End Spinning Machines, Warping, Twisting Machines, Chenille Machines, End


Wall cleaning and weaving machines

SIMTA JACOBI OHTC for Speed Frames guarantee a high degree of cleanliness by providing continuos blowing and suction to the drafting system, flyer zone and critical areas.A very special arrangement to suck / collect waste generated from the positive clearer ensures best possible condition for the roving.When a speed frames stops due to slubbing break, the fan motor stops immediately and incase of group of machines.the fan motor will be re-activated for clearing the remaining Speed frames.


SIMTA - JACOBI OHTC units are designed developed, tested & trusted for every application. Be it is spinning or weaving, Straight or curved path, it’s range has just the right product for cleaning solution.

CHAIN DRIVE SYSTEM ( MODEL STS 15) : For Single Machine.
POWER DUCT BUS BAR SYSTEM ( MODELS - STC20 , STW-50) : For Single and Group of Machine


Energy Efficient Motor results in lesser power consumption.
CNC Turret Punch Press and CNC Laser Cutting machines ensures precision metal cutting in order to facilitate the interchangeability.
Special Die from M/s JACOBI, Germany for the current collector, ensures extended life of feeding mechanism.
Aero dynamic design with uniform airflow results in more suction and blowing
Push button on both sides for START, STOP and REVERSAL of the Unit.
Latest generation programmable Logic Controller (PLC) OR PCB for effective control operations like customized time adjustment for discharge and reversal



Auto Parking at one end during Doffing
Link coner arrangement with separate blowing for spinning and autoconer
Wharve cleaning facility
Rocos/ Compact Yarn / Elite Nozzle suction arrangement.
Automatic / Manual Waste Collection System
Obstacle sensor / Limit switch for safety during obstruction

Weaving Features

Double side discharge results in effective cleaning and higher performance.


Specially designed for more blowing and suction
Suitable for Straight line and Curved Path
Can be enabled to skip non – operational Looms in Circular / Straight or Curved path.
More Filter Screen area for higher efficiency
Blowing adjusted in individual blowing pipes

Technical Specification

Fan Motor 3HP, 3Ø, 415 Volts 2HP Or 3HP, 3Ø, 415 Volts 3HP Or 4HP, 3Ø, 415 Volts 5HP, 3Ø, 415 Volts
Drive Motor 150 Watts, 3Ø, 415 Volts -- 150 Watts, 3Ø, 415 Volts 180 Watts, 3Ø, 415 Volts
Blowing Air Volume 2250 M3 / Hours 2000 M3 / Hours 2000 M3 / Hours 2000 M3 / Hours
Suction Capacity (U - Tube) 210mm Of Water Column 150mm Of Water Column 250mm Of Water Column 250mm Of Water Column
No Of Blowing Pipes X Size 2 X 125 Mm 2 X 125 Mm 2 X 125 Mm 12 X 75mm
No Of Suction Pipes X Size 4 X 100 Mm 4 X 100 Mm 4 X 100 Mm 4 X 100 Mm
Travelling Speed 16 Mtrs / Minutes 11 Mtrs / Minutes 16 Mtrs / Minutes 16 Mtrs / Minutes
Filter Area 0.14 Sq.Mtr 0.16 Sq.Mtr 0.14 Sq.Mtr 0.28 Sq.Mtr
Travelling Path Straight Straight Straight, Curved & Circular Straight, Curved & Circular