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Grades - S-8

Extensive tests have been carried out on S-8 tapes with different models and parameters. it has performed consistently providing a power saving of 2 - 6%. The worlds is concerned about its environment and seeking efficient energy savers. The all new SIMTA S-8 spindle Tape comes at a time, when the world is driven by the need to innovate power saving devices and equipments. SIMTA S-8 spindle Tapes are designed for new generation ring spinning frames.

Advantages of S-8 Spindle Tapes

Low energy consumption.
No fibre / fluff accumulation throughout the life.
Constant spindle speed, minimum vibration on spindle wharves.
Uniform / consistent yarn quality.
Suitable for S and Z direction.
Almost no vibration in speed while stopping one spindle.
Saving 2 to 3 % energy of Ring frame main motor consumption.
Higher power transmission ability which results 2 to 3 % energy saving.
Investment payback within 5 - 6 months.