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Welcome To Simta Group

Welcome To Simta Group



Astrix uPVC profiles are made as per the Indian market needs with the world renowned brand machines (Battenfeld Cincinnati Extrusion Plant from Austria). Astrix profiles manufacturing unit is fully equipped for R&D and working with a strategy of continual improvement.

Raw Material

Astrix uPVC Profiles are made out of special Compound with the chemicals and additives manufactured by reputed brands like Dupont, Baerlocher, Arkema and Rhom & Hass.



Astrix uPVC Profiles is having the product range for Sliding windows, Casement windows, Doors, Partitions and the related accessories.

Why Astrix upvc Profiles?

Updated technology on product design. Fully automated process. Closed loop process system – from Raw material to finished product. Excellent weather and impact resistance / Anti-Impact & Anti UV Performance. Excellent surface finish and Glossiness. Tested as per the ASTM, ISO and EN 12608 standards. astrix UPVC PRODUCT Excellent insulation property on thermal and sound. Specially designed for friction free movement of hinges. New technology accommodates more to learners on glass cutting sizes in casement windows. Elegant Designed profiles will attract everyone for its curves and finish on the fabricated window. Specially designed door sash will accommodates the general door lock available in the Indian market, hence cost reduction is assured in fabricating the door with Astrix uPVC Profiles, This feature allows the end user to have a selection of lock designs according to their requirement. Tested at NABL A credited internationally approved test lab.


Outer Dimension EN 12608 +/- 0.3mm + 0.2 Mm
Wall Thickness EN 12608 +/- 0.2mm + / - 0.1 Mm
Straightness EN 12608 1mm/Mtr. 0.7 Mm / Mtr
Heat Reversion Test EN 12608 2% Max 1.5%
Heat Aging Behaviour EN 12608 No Cracks / Bubbles No Cracks / Bubbles
Tensile Strength (Mpa) ASTM 40-50 48.0
Izod Impact Strength (Kj/M2) EN 12608 10.0 / 20.0 10.2
Shore Hardness R- Scale ASTM > 70 81
Vicat Softening Temperature ASTM > 700C 770C
UV Properties QUV Method Grey Scale >3 Grey Scale = 4
Impact Strength After Artificial Aging EN 12608 60 % Of Original Value 65% Of Original Value
Falling Mass At 1 Mtr / 1 Kg. @ OO C EN 12608 Out Of 10 Samples 1 Can Get Rupture No Rupture


Why uPVC?


There are many reasons as to why you should install uPVC windows. They offer excellent energy saving - uPVC is an excellent insulator - saving money on electricity bills. u PVC windows are also very durable, ensuring that very little maintenance is required during its lifetime. Due to their robustness, uPVC windows offer excellent security. Their frames are constructed to the utmost hardness making it very difficult to break.

Above all, these windows are incredibly low cost in comparison to timber windows.

uPVC windows are an affordable solution to your window needs

Surface Quality Anodizing Wears Out And Corrosion Sets It. Requires Regular Up Keeping The Surface Quality Is Maintained Through Out Its Useful Life.
Thermal Insulation Poor, Being A Metal It Has A Poor Thermal Insulation, And High Thermal Conductivity. Fair Very Good, Heat Losses Are Reduced Due To Wider Profile Depth & Multi Chamber Section 8, Low K Value.
Fire Resistance Excellent Poor Excellent
Acoustic Insulation Poor, The Mechanically Joint Corners Renders Very Poor Result From Acoustic Insulation Angle. Fair Excellent, The Multi Chamber Sealed Cavities And Welded Corners Offers Excellent Acoustic Insulating Properties.
Dimensional Accuracy Poor, They Are Fabricated Locally, Hence Poor Quality And Non Uniformity. Fair Excellent, They Are Factory Produced On Sophisticated Machine Hence Offer Uniform Quality.
Conservation Of Energy Require 7.5 Times The Energy Than That Required To Manufacture Pvc. - Excellent
Preservation Of Natural Forest Wealth Excellent Poor Excellent
Maintenance Nil Require Regular Painting & Polishing Nil
Durability Good Good Much Stronger Due To Steel Reinforcement
Warping Can Warp Can Warp Will Not Warp, Last For A Life Time.



Water Tightness

Prevents water leakage even during heavy rain.

Smooth Opening And Closing

Quality rollers & accessories provide smooth operation.

Sound insulation

Sound proof insulation cab be provided.

Dust Proof

Air tight property prevents dust.

Weather ability

Special additives prevent aging or discoloration for a long period of time.

Thermal Insulation

Excellent thermal insulation property helps to maintain the temperature uniformly.

Eco friendly

Deforestation, Energy Saving & Recycling make it Eco friendly.
Energy Saving Due to good insulation transfer of temperature is very less which reduce the energy loss by over 30-35%, thus making it "ENERGY SAVING WINDOW".

Wind Load

There is close connection between wind load and safety because most of the claims and defect root is breakage of window by using of low quality window. Therefore, while choosing window manufacturer, it is strongly recommended to verify the supplier technical capability, history and reputation to secure the safety.


Economical & maintenance free

Economical when compared to the other alternative like wood. Smooth surface makes it extremely easy to clean, using any household detergent in water. Virtually dirt resistant because there are no pores, which can be filled with dirt. Do not require regular repainting or expensive maintenance and are also Termite Resistant.